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SMA Sunny Island 4248U, 4200 Watt 48V Off-Grid Inverter The Sunny Island 4248U battery based inverter provides perfect sine wave off-grid power. An efficient, robust inverter, the Sunny Island 4248U is simple to install and operate yet is loaded with powerful and advanced features. At 4200 Watts, the Sunny Island 4248U provides ample power to energize most household appliances with power to spare. It operates silently and can be powered by multiple type of energy sources from solar and wind to hydro and fuel cells. The Sunny Island 4248U also works in conjunction with grid-tied Sunny Boy inverters to provide a powerful and efficient back-up power solution. Whenever and wherever reliable, clean electric power is needed, the Sunny Island 4248U will perform. Features: Optimized for high ambient temperatures Robust surge capacity for motor starting High efficiency Integrated DC breaker Intuitive user interface Load shedding DC and AC coupling of energy sources Nearly silent operation Automatic generator start Easy installation and commissioning Specifications:


Price: $3399.95

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25 Year Performance Warranty