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Outback, FlexWare Input/Output/Bypass, 60A, 120VAC for Dual Inverter, FW-IOB-D-120VAC Dual inverter Input-Output-Bypass for FW500 – 120 VAC output 120 amp 14.4 kW. Includes six 60 amp 120 VAC single pole DIN mount breakers. Field installable kit with color coated wire, all required terminal bus bars and sliding interlock plate. Outback FLEXware FW-IOB-D-120VAC Data Sheet: var docstoc_docid="120530625";var docstoc_title="fw-iob-d-120vac";var docstoc_urltitle="fw-iob-d-120vac";


Price: $187.72

ORDER HERE: Outback FLEXWare FW-IOB-D-120VAC Bypass Breaker for FW500

25 Year Performance Warranty