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The ME-BMK-NS (Battery Monitor Kit – No Shunt) from Magnum Energy gives you a "fuel gauge" type of meter for your battery bank. It monitors the battery bank and reports the percentage state of charge, real time amps, voltage, amp-hours in/out, and the minimum/maximum DC volts. The Battery Monitor Kit includes the sense module, sense and communication cables. This ME-BMK-NS is identical to the ME-BMK except it does not include the 500A/mV shunt. However, this shunt is required to be installed in the battery system for the Battery Monitor to work. -The ME-BMK-NS requires a Magnum inverter with a "Network" port and a ME-RC (revision 2.0 or higher) or ME-ARC remote control. Magnum Energy Battery Monitor Kit Specifications: var docstoc_docid="152983142";var docstoc_title="64-0480 Rev C _ME-BMK Data Sheet_";var docstoc_urltitle="64-0480 Rev C _ME-BMK Data Sheet_";


Price: $167.20

ORDER HERE: Magnum Battery Monitor Kit – No Shunt, ME-BMK-NS

25 Year Performance Warranty