My Tiny Off Grid DIY Solar Generator Project - Welcome To Mike's Solar.

My Tiny Off Grid DIY Solar Generator Project – Welcome To Mike’s Solar.

Do you like Solar Power? Are you fascinated with its capabilities? Me Too! I enjoy it so much that I built my own solar power project.

Hi, My name is Mike and this all started one day when the power went out during a storm. The wife and Grandson were so scared that it got me thinking, what if? What if we had a natural disaster and we were without power for a long time, what would we do? So without hesitation, I did some research and built my own semi off grid emergency solar generator. Complete with 100 watt solar panels and deep cycle AGM batteries, pure sine wave inverter, safety fuses, breakers and all the accessories to power 12v lamps, 12v fans, phones, tablets, and other necessities. Now after a few busted knuckles and a couple dollars, we have a good strong emergency backup semi-off grid solar harvesting system (Solar Generator) But most importantly, the wife is happy!

Thank you!
*Products that I use and highly recommend.

Rich Solar 100 Watt Solar Panel
Renogy 100 Watt Solar Panel
Renogy 50 Watt Solar Panel
Rich Solar 20 amp MPPT Charge Controller
Renogy Voyager 20 amp PWM Charge Controller
Victron BMV-700 Battery Monitor
Pure Sine Wave Inverter 1000 Watt VertaMax
CHAFON 288wh UPS Power Generator
CHAFON 346wh UPS Power Generator
Anderson Power Pole 2 port Panel Mount
Anderson Power Pole 9 port 40A Panel
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