Supercapacitor Solar System

Supercapacitor Solar System
Supercapacitor Solar System

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Today we are making a Supercapacitor Solar System.

Before I get too involved on the Humacao cases I wanted to make this project as a celebration for hitting the 1,000 subscribers on this channel.

This is a Solar Generator that works without batteries and uses Super Capacitors as the main energy storage.

A system like this one can help many families around the world by providing clean energy during the day an run many appliances like a fridge, ice maker and many more…

Thanks to all of you that have supported me during this creasy ride. God bless you all.


List of materials:
20a Charge Controller:


Usb sockets:

Super capacitors:
You can use any of these…


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Amazon list:

Ebay Items we need:
Cell Holders
7s BMS
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