Sunjack 14 Watt Folding Solar Panel Review & Field Test

Sunjack 14 Watt Folding Solar Panel Review & Field Test
Sunjack 14 Watt Folding Solar Panel Review & Field Test

GoGreenSolar sent me their SunJack 14 watt folding solar panel to test out here on the off grid homestead. This folding portable solar panel has two USB outputs and comes with a 8 mAh battery pack, USB cables and carabiners to attach the solar panel to just about anything anywhere.

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They also sent me a waterproof LED light stick with its own 5700 mAh battery and a USB output plus two USB powered portable LED lights. I will be reviewing these separately.

My first impression of the folding solar panel was the quality seemed good. You get a feel for things after a while and this looked like it was built well.

I have tried many portable folding solar panels through the years and was never impressed – until now.

With 14 watts of power this solar panel can charge your devices even in partly sunny conditions. Many folding solar panels will drain your device when it is cloudy or after the sun goes down. But this folding solar panel has enough power to keep charging even in lower sunlight conditions, preventing a drain on your devices.

I have used this portable folding solar panel just about every day now since I got it. I have charged up my tablet, phone, camera, LED lights and battery packs with this folding solar panel from SunJack.

I will do some more videos using this in the future as time goes on. I have taken this to parks and day trips with my church as well so that I can always charge up my power hungry cell phone no matter where I am.

I even took it fishing one day but sadly that video footage is lost somehow. I charged up my video camera and cell phone on that day while fishing.

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