Solar PV System Home Installation | Techn’ Moto

Solar PV System Home Installation | Techn' Moto
Solar PV System Home Installation | Techn' Moto

Solar PV System Home Installation | Techn’ Moto

After a year of research I finally made the decision to have a solar PV system installed on my home. Electrical rates in my area was the main motivator for me to buy and have a solar system put on my home.

Beacon Solar in Massachusetts was the company I hired to do the job and I must tell you I was very impressed with the entire process. Beacon Solar explained everything, from the planning, how solar systems work and the install process. Superb service is all I can say.

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My Equipment Setup-
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Feiyu G5 3 Axis Handheld Gimbal-
Sony ECMCS3 Mic-
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Tascam DR05 Voice Recorder-
SanDisk Ultra 32GB micro memory card-
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GoPro Mounting System/Accessories-
LEBE Adjustable Gopro Selfie Stick-
Toz Extension Arm Mount Set –
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SANDMARC Navy Mount –
GoPro Ball Joint Buckle (GoPro Official Mount) –
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Bluetooth Helmet System-
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Drone Case-
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