DIY Solar I CAR FOR KIDS SOLAR – 4WD Building Block Assembled Electric Model – VERY FUN FOR KIDS

DIY Solar I CAR FOR KIDS SOLAR - 4WD Building Block Assembled Electric Model - VERY FUN FOR KIDS
DIY Solar I CAR FOR KIDS SOLAR - 4WD Building Block Assembled Electric Model - VERY FUN FOR KIDS

DIY Solar Power Science Self-Loading Four-wheel Drive Climbing Car 4WD Building Block Assembled Electric Model Car Toy For Gifts

Basic product introduction:
This is a four-wheel drive DIY climbing car. It can help children learn the mechanical transmission structure of the vehicle model through the students’ hands-on assembly and learning. Learn how electrical energy and solar energy can be converted into mechanical energy, so that children can understand the knowledge that solar energy is a clean new energy from an early age. Learn how to change the height of the chassis of the vehicle and increase the height of the obstacles. Learn how to change the misalignment of the transmission crankshaft, and change the combination to improve the off-road ability of the vehicle through obstacles. Through study and practice, we can comprehensively grasp the principles of energy conversion and mechanical movement structure. It can be said that a small climbing car can create a future mechanical inventor. Helps develop children’s brain skills and creativity.

Product function description:
1. DIY building block assembly experience.
2. There are two sports modes that can be switched in the upgraded version of solar energy: one needs to be powered by a R6 / AA / UM3 battery, and the other is powered by a solar panel.
3. This is a four-wheel drive model device, which can use the wheels moving vertically at the four corners to move forward, and can easily turn over obstacles of 50mm height.
4. It includes all materials needed for simple snap-fit ​​or screw-on assembly. Simple wiring is required to complete the assembly.
5. Three chassis angles can be selected during setting.
6. The power is provided by the motor and transmitted to the wheels via the assembled trapezoidal chain.

The unique technology education selling point of the product (cultivating children’s various abilities in the growth process)
1. Ability to seek knowledge, explore and innovate;
2. The ability to think independently and use the brain to solve problems;
3. Understand the mutual cooperation and interaction of the mechanical transmission structure; understand the movement principle and dynamic transformation of sports mechanics;
4. Understand the generation and interaction of physical mechanical power, electricity, solar energy, wind energy, chemical energy, and mutual conversion to enhance children’s understanding and exploration in various aspects of physics, machinery, chemical changes, new energy power, etc.
5. Popular science, environmental protection, promotion and popularization.
6. Understand the mechanical transmission principle and cultivate children’s ability to explore knowledge and technology.

Product parameters:
1. 5 pieces of plastic blocks, 1 battery box, 1 hexagonal shaft with copper sleeve, 1 motor, 2 hexagonal shafts, 4 tires, 1 switch, 1 silicone tube, 1 nylon cable tie , 1 pinion, 1 crown tooth, 2 duplex gears, 1 final gear, 2 rivets, 2 3 * 15 self-tapping screws, 3 3 * 12 self-tapping screws, 3 * 8 self-tapping 4 screws, 2 2.3 * 5 self-tapping screws, 1 3 * 6.5 isolation ring, 8 3.5 * 3.5 * 5.5 corns, 1 3 * 28mm iron shaft, 1 bushing, 1 solar panel, no trace 1 sticker, 1 countersunk head screw, 1 instruction manual, 1 screwdriver.