DIY $300 Grid Tie Solar System

DIY $300 Grid Tie Solar System
DIY $300 Grid Tie Solar System

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DISCLAIMER: Before purchasing any products, know that in order to feed power to the grid, it is required to have a contract in place with your utility company. Since solar products generate live electricity, these things require proper installation for safe usage. Improper usage and even not installing a breaker at the power output of this system could cause fire and/or death in rare cases. Please use these products at your own risk. Just because it is sold on the market does not mean using them guarantees safety.
Solar Panel:
Grid Tie Inverter:

I removed this link because this inverter does not sense the AC is shut off from the grid and will not turn itself off in the event of the grid being powered off intentionally for repair work. This poses a risk to the power company workers.
*edit 7/7/2019: I tested this inverter and if you unplug the output AC cord from the wall, the inverter will also cut off powering it. Hence it will NOT power the grid if it ever goes down so that utility workers will be safe. Therefore, I have put the link back.

Note that a grid tie connection to your utilities typically requires a contact with your electric company. Check with your utility company before attempting any grid tie system installation yourself.

Have you been put off by the high initial cost of solar panels? It often takes 10-20 years to make your initial investment back. This to me is too long and makes the investment return a bit risky. If you want to try solar out to test its potential, you could consider to buy a small system that is only enough to supply the typical constant usage and not the peak usage. This creates a system that does not require a battery. This in combination with doing it yourself allows for an extremely low cost of only $300 for the system I built.

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