Commercial Solar Calculator | Cherry Energy Solutions

Commercial Solar Calculator | Cherry Energy Solutions
Commercial Solar Calculator | Cherry Energy Solutions

Did you know that the roof of your commercial building could be an untapped source of value? By installing rooftop solar, you can dramatically reduce your commercial energy bills. The question is, by how much? Use our commercial solar panel calculator to find out.

How does the solar calculator work?

Cherry Energy has developed this simple tool to generate at-a-glance insights into your individual rooftop’s potential to generate energy through solar panels.

Just enter the address of your building, then use the simple tool to trace the outline of your roof on the satellite view map. You’ll be provided with an estimate of how much power you can generate by installing a rooftop solar system.

It takes no more than 60 seconds of your time, and will change the way you think about your roof. From there you can choose to get a quote on the system or request a call back to speak to one of our helpful team.

What determines my roof’s solar capacity?

Factors such as the size, structure and location of your roof will influence the amount of power you can generate by investing in rooftop solar. The amount of solar energy captured depends on the number of solar panels your roof can host and the amount of direct sunlight the panels get. This is determined by roof size, as well as slope angle/s and any obstructions such as chimneys.

The quality of your solar panels will also be a deciding factor, which is why Cherry only uses the highest quality, commercial grade panels.

How will solar create value?

There are so many good reasons to upgrade to solar, and saving money on commercial power bills is high on the list.

Electricity prices in Australia have more than doubled in the last 10 years, making them among the world’s highest. The rise and increasing volatility of energy prices mean that installing a solar energy system is an invaluable future-proofing move for your business.

There are also additional benefits, such as avoiding peak demand charges, and government incentives in the form of various rebates, such as the VEEC and ESC schemes.


It’s never been easier for your business to start saving with solar – try our commercial solar power calculator now.