Cheapest PV system ever !!! Howto :-)

Cheapest PV system ever !!! Howto :-)
Cheapest PV system ever !!! Howto :-)

Hi all you youtubers, free energy anyone?!?

Want to go off grid electrically?
Haven’t got a lot of money to spare?
Don’t know how to go about?

In this clip i show how i made a complete PV system using an old PV cell , 250 watt
Using old car battery’s
Using a 6 dollar solar charger from china
Using a homemade self invented charger to charge and de-sulphate car battery’s (The RE-EMF charger) – a video on howto build one is in my channel as well.

The PV cell – 250 watt, new is about 120 dollar.
The car battery’s (free) i used old ones and desulphated them with my own charger – RE-EMF charger. Then filled them with ALUM – Aluminum sulphate
Solar charger – 6 dollar at aliexpress
Inverter (300 watt – 600 watt peak) about 60 dollar.

Everything is scalable, so there you go. !

I hope you enjoy what i am doing.
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