Building A DIY Solar Array Ground Mount (Part 1)

Building A DIY Solar Array Ground Mount (Part 1)
Building A DIY Solar Array Ground Mount (Part 1)

I’m building a solar array on the ground. I like this array because it is inexpensive and easy to build. I’m using salvaged Z-channel (steel), but this design could be used with pressure treated lumber just as easily.

Most solar arrays are anchored to the ground with concrete piers. This is a fantastic system, but concrete can get expensive. Also, my ground is too rocky for a hand-held auger. So making holes would require an excavator. Again, cost would go up.

This system is floating on top of the ground. It needs ballast (weight) on top to keep from blowing away. I’m using a simple triangle frame so the base is huge making it harder to tip over in the wind.

In upcoming videos I’ll be installing the panels. I’m moving the solar panels from my front yard to the back yard. If you would like to see my original frame in the front yard I have a video on it.

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