2020 NEW Micro Inverter for PV system

2020 NEW Micro Inverter for PV system
2020 NEW Micro Inverter for PV system

NEW micro inverter from 200w-1200w
with data box to control each solar panels 24hours working and monitor your PV System

How Micro inverter works?
A solar micro-inverter is one of two types of inverters that can be used with a home solar system. Microinverters have several advanatages over conventional inverters, called string inverters. String inverters are connected to multiple solar panels in a row, or string, and converts all the incoming DC energy to usable AC energy. Because the microinverter is connected to a single solar panel instead of a string of them, there are a number of benefits to this technology.

Shade Tolerant: Since each Solar Panel is producing independent of other panels, the performance of a Solar Panel doesn’t affect it’s neighbouring Solar Panel. So a shaded Solar Panel won’t necessarily drop the performance of other solar panels as they work independently. This is not the case with String Inverters.
No Air-cooling: These are very small inverters that can fit in the back of a solar panel. Because of its size, one doesn’t need to have separate cooling as central inverters. So less loss in the form of heat.
Minimum Maintainance loss: A defective solar panel or an inverter doesn’t affect the generation of the solar output from other panels, while a defective Solar String or Central Inverter will bring the performance of the entire array to a halt.
Remote Monitored: Typically in a Micro-Inverter architecture, output from each Solar Panel and the Micro Inverter is monitored via a communication bus, there by isolating a problem much faster than other inverters.
Smaller Cable Size: Since output is converted from DC to AC (230V) at the back of the panel, the cable required to carry the current can be of lower diameter.
Easily Expandable: Due to it’s modularity, a solar system can be easily expandable from single panel to multiple panels independent of each other.
Suitable for Residential Buildings: Due to it’s modularity and it’s size, it’s very suitable for residential buildings where each panel can be differently oriented or have different shading pattern during the day.
Easy Installation: As there are no specific restrictions on oritenation of solar panels any one can install a micro inverter solar on grid system with relative ease.

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