🔌🌩 RUST – Electricity guide – Beginner to PRO in 10 minutes 🔌🌩


🔌🌩 RUST – Electricity guide – Beginner to PRO in 10 minutes 🔌🌩

So in today’s’ guide we tackle the wonderful world of RUST. I will show you how the electricity system works and work through with you from some basic circuits starting off with the small battery and a ceiling light. I will then show you how to link solar panels and multiple solar panels to one power source in order to run more electrical items in your circuit.

I will eventually show you how to stop door campers in rust using the HBHF sensor and a sentry turret. All you have to do is link the door you’re using to a door controller. link up to a broadcaster or an aerial and let the items talk to each other. The wireless rust electricity components are the most underrated of them all and completely hide the wires and let the signal link to your RUST pager. Remember not to run with the signal automatically entered into your pager otherwise you will give people access to your electricity system. The biggest point I have is to NEVER use your door code for your electronic frequency otherwise you wont only lose your electronics, you will lose your base too!

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