🔌🌩 EASY TRAP BASE – Memory Cell Electronics Tutorial – RUST 🌩🔌

🔌🌩 EASY TRAP BASE – Memory Cell Electronics Tutorial – RUST 🌩🔌

So in today’s video we look at the memory cell in Rust and how good it is at trapping players. I like to call the memory cell a trap base dream.

This Rust electricity tutorial will show you the different ways the memory cell works and how to wire it up. Hopefully this tutorial guide will appeal to beginners and even pro players.

I will show you the different components that compliment the memory cell to make it super effective at trapping players in a purpose built trap base. It has 2 outputs, a converted and a standard. When the lights on the memory cell are red/green it will output the converted on the left. When the memory cell is ‘set’ both lights will turn green and this means the memory cell will no longer output power from the converted but instead switch its power to the standard output. You can then reset the memory cell using a switch for example back to its original state.

I really hope you enjoy this Rust electricity guide and hope you learn something new.

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